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We are a multidisciplinary consultancy specialized in information technology and technology base.


I have always characterized myself in doing my best the tasks and responsibilities that I acquire. Pragmatic, with science and awareness on how not to fall into the mistakes that others made in managerial and organizational tasks, although from mistakes you also learn, provided you are critical of yourself, and I am.

Above all I have learned that training is crucial, undertaking without assessing whether what you are thinking about doing has objectives or is feasible, very rarely leads to success. But training is not everything, it is an important pillar, one of them, that without knowledge and experience sometimes forces us to continue advancing with the “trial – error” theory.

That’s why from Centraliza we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences to others, especially improving their structural environment and business environment. Helping boost its contents in a collaborative way , adapting its application so that this critical mass of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can bear their costs, of course, orienting it to Return on Investment (ROI).

There is a need in the SMEs and Organization s in general and that is that they demand truly prepared professionals with a clear approach to change orientation, which help improve within the company and in its relationship with the client.

We enhance communication, communicate means to make known in a clear, simple, structured way and especially with strategy the business content of an entity and thus make it visible in digital environments , using the tools that are within our reach and those we develop to favor and always give the added value to do things in a different way.

In 2010 Centraliza is presented as a business project in a Master’s Degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Belonging to the ITIO research group together with four other national and international universities, the idea becomes one of the most difficult challenges I have encountered in my professional life, undertake the adventure of creating a company in the business game

Today Centraliza is an internationally registered trademark, a reality that since its foundation in 2012 and thanks to the team that composes it, the professionals who collaborate within our network and the awards received by both public and private institutions, gives us strength to continue offering and applying our knowledge .

Antonio Montero
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mission, Vision and Values ​​


Propose business solutions of marked strategic development to improve business structures, with ICT consulting products and services to business and institutional organizations that help them be more competitive.


Establish networked business programs and global solutions in digital environments so that the migration of companies to these areas has results and ROI.

Management of the digital communication of the entity or person and enhance personal branding thanks to the implementation of appropriate strategies that optimize the exchange processes of information and position our clients in the world of zeros and ones.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Centralize we identify the R.S.E . As a vehicle for competitiveness, sustainability and social cohesion , we mark it as a strategic mission to contribute to the sustainable development of society with our small grain of sand.

We want to serve society by contributing our knowledge and sharing it directly or indirectly and thus favor those social or environmental sectors in which we can collaborate and support, therefore the Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of our national and international business and strategic plan.

  • Knowledge development .
    Through planned training in the field of Information and Communication Technologies , promoting Personal, Business or Entrepreneurship development through participation in workshops, presentations, courses etc… in collaboration with private non-profit institutions, universities and Vocational Training Centers.
  • Cooperation.
    With Institutions, Foundations and Organizations that support and promote humanitarian projects in which we can help by providing the resources that are within our reach to improve and add to the overall calculation of the objectives of the social project.
  • Environmental.
    Aware of climate change and the importance of the environment in the nature of our planet, we have created a plan called “less paper more trees”, because we understand that we should think green. Last year reducing paper consumption by 80% thanks to the virtualization of the processes and the digitalization of information systems by inverting the economic value of paper not consumed in the reforestation of trees. We continue to work towards environmental improvement.


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